Greenpeace Presentation


Zack Waterman - Regional Field Organizer - Greenpeace USA

Representing the world's largest environmental organization (Greenpeace), discussed the environmental impact of coal in Texas and solutions to the problems we face

The Truth About Coal

  • Coal accounts for 45 percent of our nation’s electricity.
  • Coal-fired power plants are the single largest US source of global warming pollution.
  • Texas is the single largest user of coal in the nation
  • U.S. consumes more than three tons of coal per person, per year, with per capita electricity consumption almost seven times higher than in China and India combined 
Texas Coal Facts 
  • Texas consumes more coal than any other state in the nation
  • In fact, if Texas were its own nation it would rank 6th in the world in cumulative CO2 emissions from 1960-2005 (trailing only China, UK, Russia, and Germany)
  • There are currently 12 new coal plants in various stages of permitting and construction, would add over 75 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere

U.S. Lags in Clean-Energy Investment

  • US invests only $19 billion annually in renewable energy research and development
  • Somehow China gets it. They invest over $35 billion
  • U.S. lags behind 10 other countries in clean-energy investments as a share of its national economy (including Mexico, Canada)

What can you do?

  • Get involved with Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, or any other number of local environmental groups
  • Write a letter to the EPA
  • Call your Senator
  • Attend TCEQ town hall meeting
  • Educate yourself about where your energy comes from and reduce your energy consumption





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