1 house at a time Event


Austin Green Energy Group teamed up with a A Nurtured World's program, "1 house at a time" and volunteers from Team Depot to make a sustainable difference at one home in our community.

Austin Green Energy Group: (Left to Right) Sandy Brumleve, Mike Brumleve, Larry Schoeneck, Beth Davis, Larry Fitzgerald, T. Rey Calderon. Jeff Crawford, Rita Lin, and Bernie Johnson

Here is a list of improvements we made to the property:

  • Install faucet aerators in bathrooms 
  • Replace shower head with low flow head
  • Replace kitchen faucet and hose 
  • Replace bathroom Vanity with sink and fixtures guest bathroom
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Install solar screens
  • Remove existing and install new rain gutters
  • Seal A/C plenum with aluminum A/C tape
  • Seal A/C duct /register with caulk / mastic
  • Install gasket and insulation of attic hatch way
  • Seal all registers in the home 
  • Install foam insulator on all outlets & light switches
  • Replace lighting with compact fluorescent lamps
  • Replace light switch striker plates 
  • Install power strips to reduce phantom loads
  • Replace/repair 4 doors
  • Install vegetable garden
  • Blow in additional insulation into attic
  • Install second air intake for A/C supply
  • Install A/C supply filter




It was a team effort that enabled the Austin Green Energy Group, A Nurtured World, and Home Depot to make a difference in our community..."1 house at a time."

The event was generously sponsored by Home Depot.

If you would like to volunteer your services or resources for this type of fulfilling event, contact Austin Green Energy Group's Community Outreach Program Leader - Beth Davis at info@AustinGreenEnergyGroup.org  or A Nurtured World at www.1houseatatime.org.


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